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Our lenses are constructed of impact-resistant optical grade polycarbonate which remains distortion free during regular use and comes standard with a high-quality scratch-resistant coating. These lightweight lenses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection from the sun. Our specialty is prescription shooting glass lenses, but we offer non-prescription lenses as well. Each kit includes three interchangeable lens options for optimal shooting performance in every condition.



For very bright conditions. Transforms a light blue sky to a darker blue while enhancing orange targets. Great lens for a background of various shades of green. Excellent lens for glare reduction and snow. 



For overcast cloudy days. Designed to reduce blue light which causes glare. Perfect for shooters who are red/green deficient. Great for wing shooting, whether dove or upland game birds.



For early morning clay shooting or hunting. Brightens and provides contrast colors in low light conditions. Excellent choice for dusk or under lights at night. From big game to upland bird hunting, this is the professional's lens of choice.

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