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Constructed using high-quality steel, our frames are the most durable of their kind. Our special temple design is available in two lengths and can be worn three ways: Bayonet, Skull, or Cable. This unique design allows shooters the ability to choose which fit they prefer. To prevent eyebrows from touching the lens, our frames are equipped with a brow bar. This feature will also reduce fogging to the lenses. All frames are covered under a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.



This unique lens design was specifically commissioned by SGS to be optimized for the shooting sports. The lens shape provides an unobstructed field of view. The optical center has been positioned for optimal vision while in a shooting posture to reduce eye fatigue. This single lens interchangeable system is available in small and large sizes. The Shield is available in non-prescription only.



This two lens interchangeable system, available in prescription or non-prescription comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The Dauntless has been designed with a fully adjustable nose bridge that can be raised or lowered to accommodate a shooter's crawl position and will also help reduce lens fogging.

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